SPIRITT operates five Family Centers in eastern Los Angeles County each sharing a vision of strengthening the community one family at a time. 

SPIRITT's Mission

To strengthen the family unit by promoting mental health and well-being through proactive programs of education, prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery, and to strengthen the individual’s self-concept through personal development, taking into consideration the multicultural communities served.


SPIRITT is committed to strengthening each father’s involvement in developing healthy families.


CLARO Program for Young Men 

The CLARO Youth Program provides gender-specific prevention, intervention and counseling services to at-risk youth in our local communities.



The CARINO PFF program targets at-risk pregnant women and DCFS referred families with children aged zero to five.


WINDOWS Family Communication Program

Offered in both English and Spanish, SPIRITT offers a family communications skills program to improve the relationship between youth and their parents.