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Looking for a career in the social services or mental health sector? Find your passion and come join the SPIRITT Family! Here at SPIRITT Family Services, we are interested in meeting people that have the knowledge, skills, education, and desire to work with children and families. SPIRITT’s associates belong to a network of trained, experienced, caring and committed individuals working in the areas of substance abuse, mental health, violence, trauma and child abuse prevention. For information about employment opportunities at SPIRITT Family Services, please send your resume and cover letter to

To apply for any of the job openings listed below, please email your resume to and indicate the position for which you are interested. Qualified applicants will be contacted for an interview. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

Disclaimers: If the position you are interested in is not listed, this means that we are no longer accepting an application for this position. Many times our posted notices are re-posted to other sites and the information on those sites may not be up to date. Due to the high volume of responses we receive, we are regrettably unable to provide status updates and verification that your application was received. 

SPIRITT Family Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Employment Opportunities Currently Open

Position: Lead Clinician

El Monte Location

Full Time

$68,000 – Year


  • Provide leadership, supervision for both spa 3 and 7, and coordination supervision for SPIRITT Bachelor level staff.
  • Participate in Supervisory meeting as scheduled by Directors
  • Review and approve notes on Exym within 48 hours of submission
  • Facilitate and participate in monthly peer audits and quarterly program audits
  • Identify training needs for staff and communicate with manager
  • Notify manager about Special Incidents within an hour
  • Complete special incident reports within 24 hours and submit to manager
  • Plan, organize, direct, coordinate, and evaluate the mental health component of the Agency to ensure program quality
  • Keep agency Director’s and Wraparound Program Managers informed on mental health issues and needs
  • Keep Wraparound Program Manager informed of high risk cases that require consistent monitoring
  • Participate in Wraparound Treatment Team Meeting on a weekly basis
  • Attend and Participate in Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) Child and Team Family meetings (CFT)
  • Follow and adhere to the Share Core Practice Model
  • Provide group and individual supervision to bachelor’s level staff for both spa 3 and 7
  • Provide support for staff’s goals for licensing and hours completion for board of Behavioral Sciences
  • Oversee, review, train, and update staff to ensure accuracy and consistency in program quality, external reports/letters and client files through weekly individual and group meetings.
  • Assist with auditing of charts to ensure compliance with contracts (i.e. check for all required forms, signatures and any other elements needed to complete files)
  • Participate in the development and attainment of team, program, and agency goals
  • Provide coverage for contract meetings when requested by Program Manager
  • Participate in funder/ state and other types of audit preparation
  • Be available to staff/clients after hours for crisis/case consultation 24 hours a day
  • Co-Facilitate trainings for identified trainings needs for program staff, related to contract requirements, quality assurance and improvement, and competency based trainings
  • Participate and assist with agency and initiative wide evaluation of program outcomes and impact
  • Adhere to Agency Policies and Procedures and funding/contract (s) requirements
  • Provide clinical documentation training and clinical training needed for staff
  • Assist with administrative duties as needed and / or in the absence of the Program Manager
  • Attend trainings related to program to expand clinical and program knowledge
  • Inform Program Manager with staff related issues to be addressed
  • Implement changes required by Program Manager/Agency and or Contract
  • Assist Program Manager in administrative related tasks (i.e. hours of service, timeliness of documentations)
  • Assign cases to clinicians as requested by Wraparound Manager, as needed
  • Adheres to budget changes in the program and collaborate with Program Manager
  • Provide coverage and open cases when needed

To perform effectively in this position, the employee must:

  • A licensed MFT, LCSW, or Clinical Psychologist with a minimum of two (2) years experience in providing clinical supervision
  • Maintain license in good standing with the Board of Behavioral Science if licensed
  • Possess managerial skills sufficient to oversee the clinical supervision of staff
  • Complete 14 County/DMH Required Wraparound Trainings within the first 12 months of position
  • Knowledge of DMH documentation
  • Possess good judgement and able to work independently and as a team
  • Possess excellent oral and written communications skills to communicate and document work activities
  • Possess adequate coursework and knowledge of legal and ethical issues regarding child & family counseling and other emotional, social and behavioral health concerns
  • Possess training and adhere to child and adult dependent abuse reporting procedures
  • Knowledge and ability to provide integrated services for children adults and families
  • Knowledge and ability to provide services in the alcohol and/or drug related field and to various ethnic/cultural group in the community
  • Knowledge and ability to priced specific services as required by Contract (s) (see attached)
  • Operate a personal computer and routine word processing skills
  • Complete a 7-week session of the Family Communication Skills Classes (Windows/Ventanas)
  • A fingerprint check for criminal history background and must obtain clearance from a law enforcement agency approved by the Human Resources Manager
  • Provide copies of academic transcripts and degree (s) received
  • Tuberculosis Screening Test one year prior to commencement of employment and every three years thereafter
  • Evidence of entitlement to work in the United States in accordance with provisions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act.
  • Current and valid drivers’ license and proof of current auto insurance

Position: Program Manager

Pomona Location

Full Time

Essential Duties:

  • Provide leadership and serve as key resource person in all matters related directly to the Family Preservation Program
  • Provide administrative support in personnel issues, such as hiring, training, and terminating Family Preservation personnel, as well as implementing and maintaining Agency Policies and Procedures.
  • Provide and coordinate supervision for SPIRITT within the approved guidelines of the Board of Behavioral Science if licensed or have familiarity of regulations and work closely with Clinical Supervisor.
  • Maintain awareness of promoting safe and stable families legislation and DCFS – Family Preservation contract.
  • Plan and organize, direct, coordinate, and evaluate the Family Preservation services to ensure program quality.
  • Maintain calendar and coordinate scheduling of personnel to ensure program/clerical support and office space/coverage.
  • Conduct MCPC meetings with CSW’s, IHOC’s, clients and any other individual to complete the client goals to ensure contract compliance as needed.
  • Billing must be submitted on or before the 15th of each month to DCFS Headquarters Finance Department.
  • MSER Report must be sent to County Program Monitor along with billing on a monthly basis.
  • Monthly Reports must be hand delivered to DCFS Reginal office on or before the 15th of every month. Out of area Monthly Reports must be mailed out on or before the 15th of the month.
  • Maintain Monthly Report delivery binder with signatures of DCFS personnel who received monthly reports.
  • Special incident reports (SIR) must be submitted and completed in a timely manner
  • Make sure the Evaluation surveys are being collected in an on-going basis
  • Monitor that the data entry is completed accurately in FAF system.
  • Maintain close communication with clinical supervisor to ensure the safety of the cases.
  • Oversee scheduling and program activities, documentation deadlines and ensure staff and program compliance to agency, state and county regulations and laws.
  • Ensure Weekly Report is emailed to DCFS weekly to request Family Preservation Cases as needed.
  • Be available to staff, clients and County 24/7 for crisis/case consultation.
  • Assist and monitoring of charts to ensure compliance with county standards.
  • Monitor outcome performance for program success and participate in the agencies continuous quality improvement committee.
  • Attend the Roundtable meetings on a monthly basis.
  • Attend Safe Children Strong Families Learning Network meetings as requested by DCFS.
  • Be available to DCFS personnel for Technical Reviews and provide the needed client charts.
  • After a Technical Review, prepare corrective action plan for DCFS when needed.
  • Respond promptly to the petitions and requests of the founding sources, i.e. County.
    • Prepare internal and contract yearly reports
    • Make sure the FPAS meetings are being attended monthly.
    • Attend quarterly Family Preservation Community Advisory Committee meetings.
    • Attend Regional Family Preservation meetings monthly.
    • Maintain communication with DCFS regional offices.
    • Attend monthly Agency General All Staff meetings.
    • Make sure the contract requirements are being meet.
  • Oversee In-Home Counselors, T&D Instructors, On-site Counselor and Clerical Support to ensure accuracy and consistency in timekeeping, external reports/letters, and client files.
  • Attend Program Managers’ meetings to coordinate Family Preservation Program with other major phases of SPIRITT Family Services.
  • Represent Executive Director of SPIRITT Family Services’ in meetings with external agencies and community groups as needed.
  • Prepare drafts and assist in the preparation of proposals and/or grant applications.

To perform effectively in this position, the employee must:

  • Possess managerial skills sufficient to oversee the overall operation of the program, including the supervision of staff and the monitoring of subcontracted program services.
  • Conduct technical review to the subcontract agencies.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Psychology or related field and two years managerial experience in a social service setting. Master’s degree and licensed MFT, LCSW, or Clinical Psychologist with a minimum of two (2) years’ experience in providing clinical supervision preferred.
  • Managerial skills sufficient to oversee the overall operation of the program, including the supervision of staff and the monitoring of subcontracted program services.
  • A Master’s degree in a treatment-related field with a minimum of five (5) years experience in counseling or other human services.
  • Live-Scan Fingerprint check for criminal history background check to obtain clearance from DOJ. approved by the Human Resources Department
  • Must have training on child abuse reporting procedures.
  • Be familiar with the Family Preservation Contract
  • Ability to provide Specific Services as required by Contract (see Family Preservation Program Policies and Procedure Manual job description).
  • Be able to plan, organized and direct meetings.
  • Be able to provide specific services as required by the Board of Directors and Contracts
  • Possess knowledge and understanding of alcohol and /or drug related problems and various ethnic/cultural groups in the community.

Position: Mental Health Clinician

South El Monte Location

Full Time

Essential Duties:

  • Conduct assessments, develop client and family driven services/treatment plans, provide integrated mental health, substance abuse, child abuse prevention and treatment services, and coordinate services with other providers, both internal and external of SPIRITT
  • Provide treatment through individual, group, collateral and family therapy both on site and in the community (including schools, homes and other facilities where available and assigned)
  • Provide clinical support and information to team members and families and participate in Client and Family Team meetings with a focus on trauma responsive services and guidance
  • Identifies interventions and crafts individualized services, in collaboration with participant, to address the underlying needs
  • Submit clinical event reports to DMH within 24 hours of event
  • Submit Special Incident reports within 24 hours to Program Manager
  • Inform Program Manager about special incident reports within one hour
  • Rotate clinical and documentation peer and quarterly audit based on schedule identified
  • Submit checklists required for intakes, assessment, discharges, annuals, and transfer of cases
  • Communicate to Program manager when case load is not at full capacity
  • Schedule a meeting with Program manager to plan and problem solve when behind on tasks and hours of service
  • Complete a monthly case review with supervisor
  • Work with Program manager, supervisor and staff to meet program yearly goals identified from surveys
  • Participate in all assigned trainings by manager and identified by supervisor
  • Identify coverage for case load when absent
  • Record and submit hours worked daily
  • Attend required training for CARF, DMH, Program and Agency
  • Consult on legal questions related to cases (i.e. who can consent for treatment) with Program Manager and Clinical Supervisor
  • Identify appropriate Evidence Based practice for cases assigned
  • Keep ongoing consultations with psychiatrist about shared cases
  • Implement new program and agency changes required by DMH, manager and agency
  • Research and provide resource/linkage and referral follow-up to clients to help meet underlying needs
  • Collaborate with clinicians and/or other advocates, interagency and externally, to better assist clients with maximum support
  • Serve as the Single Fixed Point of Responsibility to all cases assigned and be responsible for completing the DMH assessment and Client Care Coordination Plan as well as advising and overseeing the development of the family Plan of Care and Safety Plan.
  • Respond to clients/families in a timely, friendly manner, assist callers
  • Assist in transporting clients when requested and approved by Program Manager
  • Maintain accuracy and consistency in timekeeping, weekly case notes, external reports/letters, client files and all other required documentation
  • Assist in the preparation of reports necessary for contract
  • Attend staff clinical supervision to establish and coordinate consumer and/or family treatment goals
  • Assist in planning and facilitating structured family program and educational activities
  • Maintain an awareness of new mental health laws governing programs and treatment modalities including HIPAA and confidentiality, child and adult abuse regulations
  • Attend County/community meetings/conferences/trainings and interagency meetings/trainings to represent agency/program in a professional manner as assigned by Program Manager and/or Agency Directors
  • Attend program staff meetings and within other program departments of SPIRITT Family Services, review caseloads and ensure compliance with regulations governing program
  • Provide referrals for medical evaluations/psychiatric treatment &/or additional treatment & case managment needs
  • Maintain specified level of productivity (caseload) and quality of services as determined by Program Manager
  • Assist with auditing of charts to ensure compliance with contracts (i.e. check for all required forms, signatures and any other elements needed to complete files)
  • Participate in the development and attainment of team, program, and agency goals
  • Participate and assist with agency and initiative wide evaluation of program outcomes and impact
  • Adhere to Agency Policies and Procedures and funding/contract(s) requirements
  • Provide afterhours crisis response to clients with rotation

To perform effectively in this position, the employee must:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work or Psychology and registered (ASW or IMFT) with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS) or licensed (LCSW/LMFT) by the BBS
  • Two years of experience providing substance use and mental health treatment in low-income and culturally diverse communities
  • Trained in evidence-based practices including Seeking Safety, Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other related topics such as ASAM or must complete required trainings within 6 months of hire
  • May require weekend hours based on funding contract
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Maintain First Aid/CPR Certification
  • Complete a fingerprint check for criminal history and obtain clearance from a law enforcement agency to work in a human services agency
  • Current and valid driver’s license and proof of current auto insurance
  • Driving Record meets agency requirements
  • Clean Tuberculosis test

Position: Parent Partner

South El Monte Location

Full Time

Essential Duties:

  • Provides program services to families to include support, education and advocacy. May include transportation and teaching and demonstrating
  • Works closely with all members of the Wraparound team and administrative staff to ensure integrated quality services
  • Promotes parent partnerships and engagement in wraparound services/team approach
  • Demonstrates positive and encouraging attitudes and healthy boundaries with clients and staff
  • Assists families with accessing resources and navigating systems of care
  • Provides support to families by sharing stories of their own journey and empowering/providing hope to caregivers tempered by the ability to be realistic and practical
  • Adheres to a non-judgmental, strength-based approach assisting families in identifying their strengths and emphasizing resiliency.
  • Responsible for documentation of visits and completion of a variety of forms and reports
  • Participates as member of the Child and Family Team committed to working with supporting the family in meeting their needs and achieving their goals.
  • Will ensure that the parent’s voice is being heard and respected throughout the CFT process
  • Help guide the team on having a better understanding on the parent’s perspective
  • Provides support to parents or caregivers and encourages them to communicate in a clear and effective manner and promote parents/caregivers to voice their concerns
  • Assists the parents or caregivers by encouraging them to listen to the other CFT members especially the child and model appropriate parent participation in the meeting
  • Offers a parent perspective to other team members to be strength based and empathetic with the parents or caregivers
  • Ensures that the parents or caregivers voice and choice are respected and considered throughout the CFT process
  • Participates in case reviews with DMH when needed
  • Communicates and coordinates regularly with Wraparound team members and others involved with the family to best advocate for the family and help the caregiver achieve goals
  • Maintains calendar and facilitates scheduling of meetings including clinical supervision, County mandates trainings and program/agency meetings/trainings
  • Maintains accuracy and consistency in timekeeping, external reports/letters and client files.
  • Adheres to Agency Policies and Procedures.
  • Attends meetings to coordinate Wraparound with other phases of SPIRITT Family Services and Community Partners as assigned by administrative staff
  • Conducts community outreach with external agencies and community groups to keep abreast of available resources
  • Adheres to HIPAA requirements and regulations for all program participants and maintains a caseload of families assigned for regular home visits and assistance accessing community services/community education (client transportation may be required)
  • Assists in the preparation of reports necessary for program, contract, proposals and/or grant applications.

To perform effectively in this position, the employee must:

  • Essential that the Parent Partner maintain accuracy and consistency in timekeeping, weekly case notes, external reports/letters, client files and all other required documentation.
  • Submit progress notes within 24 hours of service delivery per agency policy.
  • Attend staff clinical supervision to establish and coordinate consumer and/or family treatment goals.
  • Maintain specified level of productivity (caseload) and quality of services.
  • Wraparound experience preferred.
  • Flexible work hours including after hours and weekends in response to client needs.

Position: Administrative Assistant

Responsibilities and Duties:

The Administrative Assistant facilitates the efficient operation of the assigned department by performing a variety of clerical and administrative tasks. Provides administrative support to the Associate Director and the Facilities Manager and technology coordinator. The ideal candidate will possess excellent communication verbal and written skills. The administrative assistant will work closely with third-party vendors. The administrative assistant will also provide support during grant writing projects and will prepare the setup for board member meetings and will help set up and clean up after the manager and director’s meetings.

  • Answers and transfers phone calls, screening when necessary.
  • Maintains filing systems as assigned.
  • Retrieves information as requested from records, email, minutes, and other related documents; prepares written summaries of data when needed.
  • Responds to and resolves administrative inquiries and questions.
  • Coordinates and schedules travel, meetings, and appointments for managers or supervisors.
  • Prepares agendas and schedules for meetings.
  • Records and distributes minutes or other records for meetings.
  • Maintains office supplies and coordinates maintenance of office equipment.
  • Maintains a system for recording expenses and the use of petty cash.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.
  • Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Basic understanding of clerical procedures and systems such as recordkeeping and filing.
  • Ability to work independently.

Education and Experience:

  • Associate degree required; Bachelor’s degree in related field preferred.
  • Three to five years of experience in an administrative role.

Physical Requirements:

  • Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.
  • Must be able to lift to 25 pounds at times

Position: Program Clinical Supervisor


Year round, SPIRITT Family Services partners with local colleges and universities to provide comprehensive internship opportunities to students in the areas of behavioral health, social work, substance-abuse, non-profit management, marketing and communication, and fund development. Students are provided with direct supervision and professional development training from experienced and licensed professionals. Internship positions are available in our Whittier, La Puente, Glendora and South El Monte locations. SPIRITT Family Services has entered into cooperative learning agreements with:

  • Hope International University
  • Whittier College
  • California State University, Long Beach
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • Pacific Oaks University
  • University of La Verne
  • Intercoast College
  • University of Phoenix, Pasadena

Marriage Family Therapist and Social Work Internship

To participate, students must be enrolled in a graduate program at an accredited university in the field of social work, psychology, or any certified Marriage Family Counseling College. MFT Trainees and Social Worker Associates can expect to work with a variety of clinical diagnosis and clients, including providing culturally sensitive individual, family and group therapy. The MFT/SW Internship is a yearlong program and average about 20 hours per week. Students receive weekly individual and group supervision, in addition to monthly professional development trainings. Bachelor level students in field of mental or behavioral health are also concerns in some instances. Our MFT Interns tend to be referred through cooperative agreements with graduate (and in some instances bachelor’s) programs. The CA Board of Behavioral Sciences published an article on the Most Frequently Asked Questions Relating to Marriage and Family Therapist Trainees and Interns (2009), which can be accessed by clicking here.

Internship Positions Typically Open

  • Social Worker Trainee (ASW)
  • Marriage Family Therapist (MFT) Trainee
  • CADCA and RRW/RS

For information about any of these unpaid internship opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to