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SPIRITT Family Services’ Strategic Planning Goals for 2021-2024

Casita (Strategic Plan 2021-2024)

SPIRITT Family Services’ (DBA SPIRITT Family Centers) Strategic Plan sets forth an organizational roadmap for 2021-2024 which takes into consideration relevant business, environmental, and other factors. This Plan was developed with involvement and feedback from the Board of Directors, employees, participants, and other community stakeholders. The Strategic Planning work was led by SPIRITT’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Quality Assurance Manager, and Executive Assistant with guidance from the Board Governance Committee and key leadership. The team conducted environmental scans, focus groups, surveys, and a review of demographic data from key stakeholders – participants, employees, and the Board of Directors. This Strategic Plan focused on taking advantage of strengths and opportunities and addressing weaknesses and threats. Additionally, the Plan took into considerations the many lessons learned with the COVID-19 pandemic and the LA County Department of Public Health Stay-at-Home Order which significantly impacted the delivery of services to the community, setting the context for the course of action reflected in this Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan 2021-2024 highlights SPIRITT’s future direction with the understanding that the internal and external landscape can change as experienced with COVID-19 pandemic.

SPIRITT Family Services has developed this plan on its previous strategic goals and objectives: 1) To strengthen Family Centers of Excellence by improving its effective, efficient, and culturally relevant integrated health services, 2) Maintain SPIRITT’s financial viability to ensure services are consistently available to assist families and communities, and 3) Develop and nurture strategic partnerships to contribute to the advancement of the communities' wellbeing.