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Below is a listing of SPIRITT's Programs, Services and Groups. Call our toll free number, 855 714 8800, to find the best program for you and your family.

Important: Family Centers vary in services offered and not all family members qualify for services. We do our best to help individuals locate services in surrounding areas. For more information call our toll free number, 855 714 8800.

"I learned that good people exist and they are willing to offer some of their time to listen to me and find solutions to my problems. I am very grateful that this program exists."

See also our charts on programs and services.

Our Core Services (by program name)

CARE [California Access to Recovery Effort]

A partnership with the State of California provides short term outpatient substance abuse assessment and treatment for youth and their families through a voucher system.

CARIÑO [Child Abuse Risk Intervention and Neighborhood Outreach]

CARIÑO PFF [Partnerships for Families]

Child abuse prevention program for high risk pregnant women and families with children 5 years of age and younger. Expectant mothers and families with young children receive in-home counseling services as well as parenting and information on child-development.

CAPE [Child Abuse Prevention Education]

A 52-week parent education program for court ordered parents focusing on child abuse, anger management and parenting.

CLARO [Challenging Latinos to Access Resource Opportunities]

School based program focusing on positive role modeling and support groups for high-risk male youth.

COLORS [Community Organizations Linking Optimum Resource Services]

Family Preservation program for DCFS referred families providing a strong base of in-home support services for families involved with the child welfare system; with a focus on child's(rens') safety and welfare.

DOVE [Domestic & Other Violence Education]

A 52-week program for domestic violence offenders emphasizing education and accountability to assist the criminal justice system and to ensure the well-being of the community.


Support groups for fathers validating their role and family struggles.

KEYS [Key Essential Youth Support]

Mental health prevention and treatment services for children exhibiting emotional and behavioral problems and support for their families.

SEEDS [Seamless, Early, Essential and Diverse Services]

Family support program providing concrete and educational services for high risk and stressed families.

SERENA [Self-Empowerment Resources to Educate, Nurture and Advocate]

School-based support groups for female youth providing social and recreational activities to promote positive identity, values, social competencies, and commitment to learning.

SHARE [Strategies to Help with Addiction & Recovery Efforts]

Offering a full range of substance use prevention and recovery services for adults including individual, group and family counseling.


Weekly after school life skills program for youth in Whittier and the surrounding area.


Offering a full range of substance use prevention and treatment for youth and their families at school and on-site.

VISTA [Victory In Sobriety Through Awareness]

Outpatient, drug-free, co-occurring treatment program for recovering addicts; serving youth, adults and their families.


Family communications skills program that has been acknowledged at both the state and national levels for its effectiveness in the prevention of substance abuse by strengthening families. Program is provided in English and Spanish.


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SPIRITT is an acronym for Skills for Prevention, Intervention, Recovery, Individual Treatment and Training.

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